Diomedea Enterprise Limited –  is a company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We specialize in import and export of high quality goods, tools and materials in the area of home improvements and house building. We act as intermediary between the producers worldwide and our customers in Australia, NewZealand, and other countries

We negotiate the services for our customers through direct contact with suppliers, ensuring a good price and a good quality product. We work with local companies specialized in quality checks in local factories.
We check the quality of all goods before placing them on the market for sale. The price and the quality of product is our main concern. We only work with reputable suppliers, who have been on the market long enough to build up their reputation.

We are proud to compete on price!

We are proud to compete on price and quality with major companies who deliver the same products for sale in retail stores. This is because we continuously research the market to find products at the best price and, at the same time, maintaining a great quality of product.